Dr Michael Goldsworthy

Michael Goldsworthy is a Senior Consultant at NNFCC. He joined the company in 2012 after completing a PhD at Exeter University in collaboration with Royal Dutch Shell researching advanced biofuel production in bacteria. Michael has a broad knowledge covering a range of different biorenewable industries, though takes a particular interest in the biofuels sector.

Michael is regularly involved in project feasibility assessment for clients across the fuel and energy sectors, performing market analysis, sustainability appraisal and policy due diligence. He additionally provides clients with interpretation of, and strategic guidance on, technical subject matters such as Indirect Land Use Change.

Michael has an extensive knowledge of UK and EU policy approaches to evaluating biomass sustainability. He has conducted several studies for the UK Government to evaluate the potential impacts that regulatory changes to sustainability assessment would have on industry stakeholders. He has also developed a range of bespoke carbon calculators and modelling tools to enable operators to demonstrate compliance with relevant sustainability criteria, including NNFCC’s Biomethane and Biogas Carbon Calculator.

Michael has been involved in a range of industry working groups, including the Department for Transport’s ‘Transport Energy Taskforce’ and LowCVP’s ‘E10 Group’. He also regularly attends meetings of the REA’s Renewable Transport Group and the LowCVP’s Fuel Working Group.

Michael is a certified ISCC auditor and APM project manager.

Recent projects

Retained consultancy for Ethanol producer (ongoing)

Michael is a key contributor to this long term consultancy contract for a 1st generation ethanol producer. The ​project deals with all aspects of current ethanol operation including;

  • Policy advice and forward trajectories
  • GHG optimisation and foot printing for C&S recording and annual returns to the RTFO unit
  • Assisting with the development of the Communications strategy and generation of a wide stakeholder base 
  • Assist in house R&D development and assessment of 3rd party R&D results for business impacts

Biomethane and Biogas Carbon Calculator

Michael is the lead developer on NNFCC's Biomethane and Biogas Carbon Calculator. The calculator enables AD operators to simultaneously model the carbon emissions of each feedstock consignment in AD plants producing a range of outputs, including, heat, power and biomethane.

Comparison of UK and EU approaches to assessing sustainability of solid and gaseous biomass (2016)

Michael was a key contributor to this sustainability assessment. The study was commissioned by DECC to compare and contrast methodologies and standard data adopted in OFGEMs Solid and Gaseous Biomass Carbon Calculator to those included in the JRC’s ‘Solid and gaseous bioenergy pathways: input values and GHG emissions’ report, based on sustainability guidance recently published by the EU Commission.

Specifications for use of organic wastes as feedstock for cellulosic ethanol production (2015)

Michael was a key contributor to this report on organic waste for ethanol production. ​The study was commissioned by a multinational waste handling company to provide technical advice on opportunities for producing cellulosic ethanol from waste-derived sugars.

The Potential for Forest-Based Industrial Biotechnology in Scotland (2015)

Michael was a key contributor to this strategic biorefining project. NNFCC were commissioned by Scottish Enterprise, Chemicals Scotland and Forestry Commission Scotland to assess what opportunities might be available to exploit the Scottish Forest resource as a feedstock for the bio-based chemicals sector.

Selected publications